Bri Chmel is a 4X Women’s World Wakesurfing Champion out of Santa Cruz. Photographer Summer Wilson recently met up with her in Clarion Alleyway off Mission Street in Frisco to check out some of the local art that's slung on the walls.

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Although we didn't vie for a booth at this year's Agenda, we found our way in to hang with friends that were repping. For a young brand like ourselves, it's inspiring to see what the legends of the industry have been working on. We took good notes, so be ready to be hit hard at Agenda 2013. #dreambig

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Reuben Duran

As we were lacing up some new towers, Reuben Duran stomped into the office to visit after his ACL surgery. We spent the afternoon talking with his manager, Jason House (Iridium) and his younger brother about Reuben's return to the UFC. Be sure to stay up on Reuban's recovery at MMA Weekly.

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The Friday before X-Mas was a lax one around the office. A few old friends popped in to see what we've been putting together for the coming year. Derrick from The Commercial Mix gave us a nice write up, and Ruben (KBC) brought his twin daughters to get outfitted in Mentom early in life. We hope Santa brought everyone a Scrooge McDuck bag of cash.

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Everyone at Mentom is brimming with Christmas spirit in anticipation of our party tonight at ATEAM Shoe Shop. We are psyched to pass out our collab tee, as well as raffle off some other gear. No need for a jacket in this chilly So Cal winter, the 24oz Pabst should keep you warm. See you soon.

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Met up with Los Angeles hip-hopper Andre Legacy in a back-alley last week to catch him in some Mentom's. Shot by Erik Voake.

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