Black & Blue

On Saturday, the crew at Elite hooked us up with a handful of floor tickets to watch the blue-haired Christos handle Joe Camacho. The fight was at the Fox Theatre in Pomona, so we arrived a bit early to watch our personal bodyguard, Don Frye, eat his weight in Mexican food.


Elite's presence at the event was definitely notable, everywhere you looked there was a shirt to support Christos. Congrats to both Elite and Iridium on having winning nights.

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Christos in the Cage

This Saturday, Christos Giagos defends his title for Respect in the Cage in Pomona. He stopped in the week to chop it up about life and training at Elite. Good luck out there, kid. Break a leg, or better yet break his leg.


Also, as we were sitting around this week, talking about the product we've been slaving over, I noticed how rad the names of each style turned out on the inside of the temples. Each name has a little concept, relating to some area or lifestyle we took inspiration from. Like the 702, for instance, is a nod to summertime by the pool in Las Vegas.

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Yesterday, the Mentom family huddled up to talk about things to come in 2012. Over the past year, we have been perfecting our shades and building a little groundswell, but now we are ready to hit it. With our debut line in a few key shops in the LA area, we are definitely excited as to where things are going. Be sure to keep an eye out for us as we grow.

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Mentom is proud to welcome T.J. Lavin to the team. We were able to get out to his place in Lost Wages to show him our full line. We spent the afternoon chilling with his dogs, reliving old times and talking business. We even stumbled across some old BMX mags that documented some of TJ's crazy talent on a bike.


Also, be sure to check out TJ's new project, Forgiven. It's an alcohol metabolizer pill that does a bang-up job on a hangover. And guess what? It really works.

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Preview of our Winter 2011 soft goods line.

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TUF 11 cast member, Jamie Yager, stopped by yesterday to say hello. Tickets are still available for his fight next Friday in Culver City, CA.

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