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Processing transactions securely, quickly, and reliably is essential to your success. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to always provide the best payment solution for your business – one that creates immediate value, is easy to implement, and is capable of handling future growth.

We’re Focused On Your Needs

At Mentom, we believe it’s our job to simplify electronic payment processing – to take the industry jargon and translate it into information that you can use to make informed business decisions. We make it a point to talk to you in terms that you can understand – whether you’re just getting started, or you’re an experienced entrepreneur with specific complex questions.

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Merchant Accounts

Every business needs a merchant account. It’s the cornerstone of your payment solution. A merchant account handles the transferring of funds from a shopper’s credit card to your bank account. And how it’s set up determines what your rates are, how quickly you receive your funds, and how well it will accommodate for future growth.

Internet/Online Merchants

In order to process payments online, you’ll need a payment gateway to go along with your Internet merchant account. Whether you’re enabling your web site to handle eCommerce transactions, or you simply want to key in orders from your computer, our payment gateways provide the complete infrastructure to authorize, settle, and manage your transactions online.

Retail Merchants

We stock and service all of the most popular models from the top manufacturers. We also carry a full line of pin-pads, check readers, wireless devices, and other POS equipment. All of our products are backed by full technical support, so you know you’re in good hands. Contact us to determine which retail payment solution is right for your business.

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Leading the industry with innovative and easy-to-use products that are supported by unmatched customer service.

Our Experience Delivers!

As a leader in the industry, our experience gives us the skills to guide our customers through the process of accepting electronic payments by carefully evaluating the specific needs of the business model. This enables us to deliver tailored solutions that maximize efficiency, security, and cost savings. Our solutions comprise a unique, comprehensive blend of bankcard expertise, operational service and support, and technology that accelerates each customer’s journey toward an improved bottom line.

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